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Become an IOEE Prison Academy

Join our national network of academies based in prisons and be part of the next generation of enterprise learning delivery

Why not join the growing band of IOEE Academies based in prisons helping offenders to improve their chances of success upon release by gaining the knowledge and skills to start and run their own businesses.

Traditional employment often discriminates against those with a criminal record however we know through our research that many offenders already have the attributes needed to become successful in the world of enterprise and entrepreneurship its just helping them to recognise how they can be used legitimately.

Most offenders have been used to being fiercely independent, extremely resourceful and able to spot opportunities – all great attributes when starting and running a business.

As part of our role as the only dedicated learning institute for enterprise and entrepreneurship, we have developed a wide range of enterprise resources and qualifications which have been used to support the successful delivery of thousands of qualifications within prisons across the UK

For details of our full range of qualifications please visit our dedicated centres and academies website.

Benefits of becoming a Prison Academy

There are many reasons for choosing to become an IOEE Academy.

Strengthen Your Offender Support

  • Demonstrating your commitment to raising the prospects of offenders in your care
  • Access to tried and tested enterprise programmes for both staff and offenders
  • Credibility from working with the professional institute for enterprise and entrepreneurship
  • Validation of learning for the offenders through them gaining nationally recognized qualifications
  • Providing staff with IOEE membership and a wide range of teaching resources and support
  • Deferred membership of IOEE for offenders to activate on release providing access to a community of mentoring support post release

Our academies are the backbone of our work to increase the development of enterprise skills in the UK

Excellent Support

We make sure that our academies have all the support they need – when and how they want it – right from day one, including:

  • Expert advice and guidance from our enterprise development manager
  • A dedicated account manager
  • An approval letter and certificate or plaque to display within your organisation

And once you are an approved IOEE Academy, your on-going support includes:

  • Continued guidance and support from your account manager, Quality Manager and External Verifier
  • Streamlined administration using our online registration hub
  • The IOEE Centre Toolkit – designed to help you successfully market your business
  • Free membership for key staff
  • Free studying membership for all learners
  • Access to annual programme of IOEE events


To get the conversation started about becoming an IOEE Prison Academy please contact us and one of our enterprise team will be in touch.

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