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Showcase your institution's commitment to enterprise with our Centre of Excellence recognition

Become a Centre of Excellence

Building relationships with Higher Education institutions is central to our goal of raising the standard of enterprise education across the UK. Showcase your institution’s commitment to enterprise with our Centre of Excellence recognition.

Centre of Excellence status is our flagship organisational accreditation for organisations who promote and deliver enterprise skills development. Centres of Excellence recognise the importance of creating and sustaining an enterprising and entrepreneurial culture. By benchmarking and assessing your organisation against key criteria you will demonstrate your commitment to enterprise in the UK.

Benefits of becoming an IOEE Centre of Excellence

There are many reasons for working towards Centre of Excellence status with the IOEE.

Excellence in Action

Centres of Excellence are recognised as key stakeholders in our efforts to establish enterprise at the heart of learning culture in the UK. As a Centre of Excellence your organisation will benefit from:

  • being seen as a leading edge, global organisation;
  • promotion and recognition by IOEE and its partners;
  • being able to demonstrate and publicise your achievement;
  • the added credibility of benchmarking your organisation against international standards;
  • being able to review and continuously improve your approach to enterprise;
  • having access to best practice research and standards covering enterprise and enterprise support;
  • demonstrating your commitment to developing an enterprise and entrepreneurial culture to your stakeholders;
  • the opportunity to publish research papers/reports within the IOEE;
  • providing your staff, students and learners with access toIOEE membership;
  • access to international awards and qualifications;
  • assistance in developing enterprise and entrepreneurial led curriculum and learning programmes; and
  • access to a range of events and funding opportunities.

If they wish, Centres of Excellence are also able to deliver IOEE programmes and qualifications (in the same way as our academies can – subject to our delivery criteria).

Strengthen Your Presence

Becoming an IOEE Centre of Excellence places you at the forefront of the enterprise learning landscape. We’re looking for the ‘best of the best’ in terms of enterprising organisation. As a Centre of Excellence you will:

  • Encourage the development of an enterprise and entrepreneurial culture for your staff and learners;
  • Recognise and adopt leading edge practice in the areas of enterprise and enterprise support development; and
  • Support continuous development, improvement and growth through the promotion of enterprising and entrepreneurial thinking and practice.

Our Centres of Excellence are the vanguard of our work to increase the development of enterprise skills in the UK. Achieving Centre of Excellence status will create long lasting value for your organisation whether that is for your current employees and their enterprise development, attracting high-quality students and learners or winning business.

Who can apply?

Any Higher Education institution who is committed to the promotion of enterprise and entrepreneurship can apply to become an IOEE Centre of Excellence.


To get the conversation started about becoming a Centre of Excellence and to receive your copy of our assessment criteria please contact us and one of our enterprise team will be in touch.

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