Academic Membership

For Academics and Researchers working in the field of Entrepreneurship

The route to IOEE professional membership for individuals engaged in teaching, lecturing and research in the field of entrepreneurship

Academic membership recognises expertise in the development and progression of ‘thinking and knowledge’ of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Academic membership has been developed in consultation with academics and researchers from a range of organisations and countries. Growing in popularity, it fully reaffirms our commitment to professional membership based on demonstrating the ability to deliver and make an impact in education, based on what you know, what you do and how you do it.


You are typically a junior lecturer, tutor or researcher in an enterprise subject area.

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You are typically an experienced lecturer, senior researcher, working in the field of enterprise and  entrepreneurship.

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You are typically a senior academic or research leader, recognised in UK or internationally as an expert in entrepreneurship.

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