Mentors TogetherAn IOEE mentor is someone who has been there, done it and got the T-shirt. Whether you are looking for a mentor to help you with your new business or want to mentor others, the IOEE can make it happen.

To become an IOEE Mentor you must first be able to prove that you have the required skills, knowledge and experience. We don't want to discourage mentors, or put unnecessary barriers in the way of potential mentors, but we need to be sure that you have the key skills required to mentor other people at the crucial, early stages of starting and running their own business.

Free Membership for Mentors

To reward your commitment to helping others we provide free membership to those volunteering to mentor other members.

Mentor types

As an Institute we recognise that there are two distinct types of mentor. There are those who work with other businesses in a more informal way, often linking up through network associations, recommendations, friendship groups, online or word of mouth. Then there are those who work in a more formalised way and may be part of a wider, structured mentoring programme. We're keen to promote both forms of mentor and mentoring as they are equally valuable to the small business and entrepreneur community.

To distinguish between these styles of mentor we have developed two types of mentor status within our programme, IOEE Mentor and IOEE MentorPlus.

50% Off for MentorsJoin as a mentor Mentor status in the IOEE shows a commitment to helping other small businesses. Mentor status is for people who are interested in a more informal approach to mentoring or who may be quite new to mentoring.To become an IOEE Mentor we ask that you have first carried out the free Get Mentoring 'Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring' training workshop. You will need your Get Mentoring certificate ID number to join free with Mentor status.
50% Off for Mentors MentorPlus status in the IOEE indicates that someone has a qualification in mentoring and already has experience of mentoring in a structured environment.As a route to MentorPlus status, the IOEE recommends achievement of the Level 3 Award in Enterprise Mentoring qualification. MentorPlus status is provided automatically upon completion of the qualification with SFEDI Awards. We also accept other mentoring qualifications based on SFEDI Standards - please contact us for further information.

To become an IOEE Mentor you must also meet our Membership criteria, and therefore have experience of running your own business. As an IOEE Mentor you'll also be able to use the mentor logo on your marketing, stationery and business cards.

Mentor directory and matching

After gaining mentor status your profile will appear in our searchable Mentor Directory. Other members who are at pre-start and start-up stage will be able to search for a mentor based on location and sector and request a mentor connection. Once connected you will be able to work together both on- and offline. As a mentor you'll also be able to contribute to our learning community including answering questions from other members in our 'Enterprise Answers' section and contributing articles to our 'Entrepedia'.

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