Get Mentoring

Sign up for Affiliate Membership of the IOEE to meet a volunteer business mentor who can support you as you start or grow your business. All of our mentors have successfully completed the Get Mentoring training. For further information regarding the Get Mentoring initiative visit the Get Mentoring website.

How do I meet a mentor?

Step 1: Register with us for free

Join the IOEE as an Affiliate (Mentee) Member, which is our entry grade of membership.

Step 2: Create Your Profile

Once registered you can create your profile. Your profile describes your background and the kind of enterprise skills and business expertise you're looking for. Your profile will be listed in our 'Mentee Directory' allowing our mentors to search and connect with you. Plus, all mentors who have been through the Get Mentoring training receive a bulletin of recent listings maximising the chances that you'll find a mentor who can support you.

Step 3: Find a Mentor

Our connection tools help you find other members who are offering the business expertise and industry experience you need. Search our mentor directory and when you find a suitable mentor you can send them a 'Connection Request'.

Step 4: Connect with a Mentor

Once you receive acceptance of your 'Connection Request' you can exchange contact information or communicate through our messaging system and you can start working with your mentor.

Why is it free?

Thousands of experienced business people are receiving free mentor training from Get Mentoring, a government funded initiative to encourage business mentoring across the UK. In exchange they have agreed to volunteer as a business mentor for at least one hour a month.