As part of our partnership we are pleased to recognise and welcome WinWeb software users to the IOEE and our learning community. To reward WinWeb software users for having demonstrated their commitment to enterprise learning we're pleased to offer 50% discount on the standard annual membership fees.

Associate Member (AMIOEE)

The Associate level of membership is aimed at prospective enterprise owners, those people who are starting a business or who have less than 2 years experience. Associate members are willing to invest time in their own learning and wish to have access to an IOEE Mentor.

£50 per annum£25 per year with discount code WINWEB50

Member (MIOEE): £75 per annum

The full Member level of membership is aimed at those people who have proof of enterprise learning and practical experience in applying their skills and know-how. We expect a full Member to have run their own business for over 3 years. To reward those who are prepared to mentor others, we're also offering a reduced rate of annual membership (see below).

£75 per annum£37.50 per year with discount code WINWEB50

Join as a mentor (additional criteria apply)

IOEE Mentors get a reduced annual membership fee of only £50 £25 with discount code WINWEB50. To join as a member and register with IOEE Mentor or IOEE MentorPlus status please use the links to the relevant signup form below.

£25 Off for Mentors

£50 per annum
£25 with code WINWEB50

Please ensure you have met the mentor criteria by providing a letter of recommendation from another small business or IOEE Member or by providing a personal statement. The letter of recommendation or personal statement must detail either how you gained or how you can demonstrate your skills and knowledge as a mentor and must be included with your application.
50% Off for Mentors

£50 per annum
£25 with code WINWEB50

If you have mentor accreditation, a qualification or have been through a structured programme of mentor development you will be eligible for IOEE MentorPlus status. If your programme is not listed you will be given the opportunity to provide details in your application.

For further information on the IOEE mentoring programme please visit the mentoring section