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SFEDI, the IOEE and, Lloyds Banking Group are working together to a run a series of Meet A Mentor events in venues throughout the UK.

MEET A MENTOR are events with a difference. You don’t attend to find a new client or supplier, (although both are a possibility), you attend to find a mentor who is willing to volunteer their time to support you and your business.

The events bring together volunteer mentors and new and growing businesses with the aim of developing fruitful and supportive mentoring relationships.

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Lloyds Banking Group

Upcoming Events

Exeter - 10th September 2015

Exeter Castle - Exeter

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London - 23rd September 2015

Victory Services Club, London

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Birmingham - 8th October 2015

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

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Newcastle - 22nd October 2015

Newcastle City Library

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London - 9th December

America Square Conference Centre

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News and Case Studies

Fitness specialist gets new businesses in shape

May 16th, 2016

Fiona Brown is an entrepreneur, a fitness education specialist, a Pilates instructor, a personal trainer and now an enterprise mentor too. We caught up with the dynamic 58-year-old, to talk about The EnergyWise Academy she runs in Edinburgh, and her … Continued

Enterprise mentor helps mentee Join the Dots

May 16th, 2016

Join the Dots is a consumer insights and market research agency, which helps clients operating across all sorts of industries to better reach consumers. The agency’s chair is Trish Comley, who, along with her husband, set up the business in … Continued

Group mentoring sees female-led businesses thrive

April 19th, 2016

Two years ago, a diverse set of business women were united by Chris Leighton, a Southampton-based Get Mentoring mentor and coach who runs Zeal for Business. Together, they’ve turned enterprise mentoring into a group activity, with exceptionally successful results. One … Continued

An enterprise mentor with a global outlook

April 19th, 2016

Educated at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark born Taus Nöhrlind has a working life with enterprise mentoring at its core. As well as running his own enterprise, Nöhrlind Ltd., which is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses enter international … Continued

“Being a mentee isn’t just about thinking ‘right, what can they do for me?’ It’s also about recognising ways you can be mutually beneficial to one another.”

March 16th, 2016

Jennifer Williams-Baffoe, as well as having attended two Meet a Mentor events, also has two businesses, which are connected to one another. The first is Willbaforce, a business development consultancy for the creative industries, which the entrepreneur set up in … Continued

“I love mentoring. I find it hugely rewarding and will continue to do it for as long as I can.”

March 16th, 2016

Pam Calvert established Communications Management, a reputation and communications strategy company serving the education and skills sector, in 1987. However, in recent years she’s begun to mentor small business owners. We caught up with both Pam and Joe Cripps, one … Continued

Spotlight on … Andrew Bird

February 16th, 2016

The IOEE’s member base is incredibly diverse, with people from all walks of life signed-up to enjoy the privilege, services and benefits associated with it. To let you know just how broad a spectrum of people we work with and … Continued

Venture Pilot helps businesses get off to a flying start

February 16th, 2016

Peter Richards worked in corporate software for around 25 years but, around 12 years ago, he decided to break free and work for himself. Remembering that time, Peter says: “I wrote my first business plan and started a company, which … Continued


Meet a Mentor events are short, fun and productive events where the key focus is to bring together mentoring volunteers with a local business population looking for mentors. It provides an energetic forum for people to meet, exchange details, with a view to developing some new mentoring relationships being borne as a result. Apart from a couple of exceptions, the events follow the same general format, see each event for specific details.

Who are the Mentors?

The volunteer mentors have all completed the Get Mentoring course that was funded by the UK Government throughout 2012 and have said that they're willing to commit to an hour a month of volunteer mentoring for two years. We invited business owners and professionals to sign up that had experience and skills that they were willing to share to support a new and growing business.

Now they want to meet YOU, who, as someone instrumental in the success of a new and growing business, could hugely benefit from finding a mentor to support you in your quest to make your business reach its full potential.

All of the trained mentors also received membership with mentor status (MIOEE) of the IOEE so you can connect with them on here too.

Each of the Meet A Mentor events follow roughly the same format and take around 3 and a half hours.

Interested in attending Meet A Mentor as a volunteer mentor?

Meet A Mentor is a great opportunity for experienced business people to volunteer as business mentors for the first time. By attending Meet A Mentor you will have the opportunity to meet people for you to mentor and meet other mentors to find out how they are approaching mentoring activities. If this is your first foray into mentoring and you haven't completed any training to date, once you have signed up we will activate your complementary Affiliate IOEE membership (available to everyone that signs up to Meet A Mentor) so that you can have the opportunity to complete the free online 'Introduction to Enterprise Mentoring' course. The course is a fantastic way to explore and develop your mentoring skills. As a member of the IOEE you will also find out about further ways to develop your mentoring and enterprise skills and expand your enterprise network.

Event Agenda

ARRIVAL - 30 minutes

Registration, coffee and refreshments.

THE WELCOME - 30 minutes

Once you've arrived and had chance to grab a cuppa, we'll let you know what you've let yourself in for. It's a relaxed and informal event, though our hope is that its energetic format will result in a fantastic new opportunity for your business by helping you find a mentor as well as meeting some interesting new contacts for your business.

Chances are, everyone at the event will be approaching mentoring with a different perspective depending on their experience of mentoring to date, so to kick things off we're starting with a quick overview of what to expect, not just at this event, but from a mentoring relationship going forward. This is to get everyone on the same page and in the right frame of mind for the speed mentoring to come.

We want people to meet at least 5 new contacts at the event, therefore here we'll be facilitating some speed mentoring to help you develop a potential new mentoring relationship. A few top tips are:

- You've only got 10 minutes so keep it brief and relevant
- Apparently first impressions are made in the first three seconds - no pressure
- We'd suggest that the mentor covers their mentoring strengths and those looking for a mentor covers the stage of their business and its challenges.
- Once the 10 minutes is over the signal will sound and it's time to move on. Everyone has two minutes to settle into their new spot.
- We'll give you a card and a pencil with 5 spaces on so that you can record the names of those you meet and relevant notes.

LUNCH/REFRESHMENTS (depending on time of day) AND NETWORKING - 1 hour
This is where you can catch up with people you didn't have the time to chat to and gather the details of those people you'd like to make contact with after the event. We will also provide information on other useful ways you can meet mentors too.

Also, because your time is precious and you need to make the most of every event, we've asked some of partners to send us info they think you'd find useful and interesting too, so they'll be an opportunity to grab a few flyers for other things that might help you start and grow your business.



Members of the IOEE and will be able to join the Meet a Mentor group, therefore they can return to that group after the event and make online connections with those they met on the day.

You are also welcome swap business cards and make connections independently after the event, however there's no obligation to.

If you meet someone at the event and only have their name, and not their contact details, and you would like to make contact, we are happy to pass on your details.

At some point after the event we will drop you a line to see whether you developed a mentoring relationship as a result of the event and how that is going.

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